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     Pete & Hyacinth Powell are the owners  of Pete's Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant, Located in McDonough Georgia.

    Pete has over 34 Years in the baking industry going way back from a youth in Jamaica then to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and now in McDonough, Georgia where they opened the first Caribbean Bakery in Henry County.

      Pete's Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant  offer a vast variety of Authentic Cuisine and Scrumptious mouth watering delicious Pastries: Cheese cake, Rum Cake, Bulla, Rock Bun, Gizzarda, Coconut drops, Toto, Sugar Bun, Spice bun, Potato Pudding, Bread Pudding, Plantain Tart, Guava tart, Coco Bread, Hardo Bread, Ackee Loaf, Meat Loaf, calloloo Loaf and many more Island specialties. Come Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and get re-acquainted with the great Island food.

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